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Our Story


Saiphware, a recently initiated stoneware ceramics company under the parent company Goldvalue Trade Pvt Ltd, creates artisanal crockery, handcrafted bohemian bowls and artifacts with bespoke styles and designs. Saiphware is a safe and sustainable way to discover kitchenware. Our products are manufactured and handled with utmost care, striving to make everyday living beautiful. Saiphware derives its name from “Saiph”, name of a star and “Ware” typically meaning pottery or artifact made of a specific material, which in this case essentially are earthen materials of air, water, fire and mud. Alternatively, Saiph is pronounced “safe” and is synonymous with being “safe” in every possible way.

Why Choose Saiphware

In present times, its rare to get precisely what we pay for. We strongly believe in offering quality, unadulterated and all natural products. With contamination on the increase in everyday living, our objective is to provide safe, healthy and nourishing way to consume food and beverages. Our tableware is eco friendly, sustainable and organically as close to its natural form as is possible.

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